How to type symbols, accents, special characters, and weird punctuation
foreign languageAcute accent - spacing acute´
 AE ligature capitalÆ
 ae ligature lowercaseæ
 angle quotation marks (left)«
 angle quotation marks (right)»
 angle single quotation marks (left)
 angle single quotation marks (right)
 angstrom capitalÅ
 angstrom lowercaseå
 double Sß
 Feminine ordinal indicatorª
 French C cedille capitalÇ
 French C cedille lowercaseç
 Icelandic/Old English Eth capitalÐ
 Icelandic/Old English Eth lowercaseð
 Icelandic/Old English Thorn capitalÞ
 Icelandic/Old English Thorn lowercaseþ
 Masculine ordinal indicatorº
 Nordic O slash capitalØ
 Nordic o slash lowercaseø
 OE ligature capitalŒ
 oe ligature lowercaseœ
 S caron capitalŠ
 s caron lowercaseš
 Spacing cedilla¸
 Spacing macron - overline¯
 upside-down exclamation mark¡
 upside-down question mark¿
 Z caron capitalŽ
 z caron lowercasež

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