How to type symbols, accents, special characters, and weird punctuation
acute accentslowercase a with acute accentá
 lowercase e with acute accenté
 lowercase i with acute accentí
 lowercase o with acute accentó
 lowercase u with acute accentú
 lowercase y with acute accentý
 uppercase A with acute accentÁ
 uppercase E with acute accentÉ
 uppercase I with acute accentÍ
 uppercase O with acute accentÓ
 uppercase U with acute accentÚ
 uppercase Y with acute accentÝ
 lowercase a with circumflexâ
 lowercase e with circumflexê
 lowercase i with circumflexî
 lowercase o with circumflexô
 lowercase u with circumflexû
 uppercase A with circumflexÂ
 uppercase E with circumflexÊ
 uppercase I with circumflexÎ
 uppercase O with circumflexÔ
 uppercase U with circumflexÛ
currency symbolsBritish pound£
 cent sign¢
 Dutch florinƒ
 Euro currency
 generic currency¤
 Japanese yen¥
foreign languageAcute accent - spacing acute´
 AE ligature capitalÆ
 ae ligature lowercaseæ
 angle quotation marks (left)«
 angle quotation marks (right)»
 angle single quotation marks (left)
 angle single quotation marks (right)
 angstrom capitalÅ
 angstrom lowercaseå
 double Sß
 Feminine ordinal indicatorª
 French C cedille capitalÇ
 French C cedille lowercaseç
 Icelandic/Old English Eth capitalÐ
 Icelandic/Old English Eth lowercaseð
 Icelandic/Old English Thorn capitalÞ
 Icelandic/Old English Thorn lowercaseþ
 Masculine ordinal indicatorº
 Nordic O slash capitalØ
 Nordic o slash lowercaseø
 OE ligature capitalŒ
 oe ligature lowercaseœ
 S caron capitalŠ
 s caron lowercaseš
 Spacing cedilla¸
 Spacing macron - overline¯
 upside-down exclamation mark¡
 upside-down question mark¿
 Z caron capitalŽ
 z caron lowercasež
grave accentscapital A with grave accentÀ
 capital E with grave accentÈ
 capital I with grave accentÌ
 capital O with grave accentÒ
 capital U with grave accentÙ
 lowercase a with grave accentà
 lowercase e with grave accentè
 lowercase i with grave accentì
 lowercase o with grave accentò
 lowercase u with grave accentù
math symbolsAsymptotic
 Degree symbol°
 Division sign÷
 Fraction 1/2½
 Fraction 1/4¼
 Fraction 3/4¾
 Greater than>
 Greater than or equal
 Infinity symbol
 Left Angle Bracket
 Less than<
 Less than or equal
 Multiplication sign×
 not symbol¬
 Ohm signΩ
 Per Mille (1/1000) sign
 Pi symbolπ
 Plus/minus sign±
 Right Angle Bracket
 square root radical sign
 Sum sign
 Superscript one¹
 Superscript three - cubed³
 Superscript two - squared²
 Double Dagger
 Double low-9 quotation mark
 Horizontal ellipsis
 Left double quotation mark
 Left single quotation mark
 Middle dot - Georgian comma·
 Non-breaking space 
 Pipe, Broken vertical bar¦
 Registered symbol®
 Right double quotation mark
 Right single quotation mark
 Section Symbol§
 Single low-9 quotation mark
 Small tilde˜
 Soft hyphen­
tilde accentslowercase a with tildeã
 lowercase n with tildeñ
 lowercase o with tildeõ
 uppercase A with tildeÃ
 uppercase N with tildeÑ
 uppercase O with tildeÕ
umlautlowercase a with umlautä
 lowercase e with umlautë
 lowercase i with umlautï
 lowercase o with umlautö
 lowercase u with umlautü
 lowercase y with umlautÿ
 Spacing diaeresis - umlaut¨
 uppercase A with umlautÄ
 uppercase E with umlautË
 uppercase I with umlautÏ
 uppercase O with umlautÖ
 uppercase U with umlautÜ
 uppercase Y with umlautÿ